Our services

Our experienced team is always ready to collect and provide informative data of Flash surveys and B2C market researches. 

We have interviewers in more than 70 countries around the world. Therefore, we can conduct surveys and get results within a week. 

In addition, only Direct Opinion provides the opportunity to segment the data and create in-depth insights for different business entities. Through this process, we fully control the procedure and prevent possible errors.

This allows our clients to achieve the best results and excel in today’s marketplace.

Geographic coverage

DIRECT OPINION has interviewers on 6 continents and over 70 different countries. Even if we are not covering specific area in which you are interested, we are keen to go beyond our limits and find the right audience for you!

Short survey

DIRECT OPINION mainly focuses on Flash surveys by phone. We consult our clients on how to optimise the length of questionnaire to produce maximum results, while making the target audience fully productive and satisfied.

Possible Segmentation

We can target not only the main demographic features (age, gender, level of education, etc.), of your prospect clients but also their geography (region, county, etc.) or psychographics (values, interests, etc.)

Short Delivery

DIRECT OPINION is able to immediately deliver you all the results of Flash surveys. However, if you would like to conduct long-term researches and continuously collect data about your prospect customers, we are ready to help you!

Data Control

The survey data gives us the opportunity to get the specified information of the target audience. DIRECT OPINION uses several data control methods to make sure that the collected data is valid and appropriate to the highest quality of services.