direct opinionFrequently Asked Questions

What is Direct Opinion?

Direct Opinion is a dedicated marketing agency, specialised in conducting phone surveys, making questionnaires, voting poles, product-testing campaigns, etc… Our agency is the bridge between the business and its customers. We organise various market studies and manage the individuals being interviewed: from the registration until they receive money into their account for successfully completing one of campaigns.

How is it working?

After you download the Direct Opinion App and register, you will be able to choose to participate in the market study you like. All campaigns are different and are priced differently. You can be asked to complete a phone survey; to check networks by doing test calls; participate in our music voting charts; to test a new product; etc. After you select the campaign, just follow the instructions. You have full freedom to choose what to do, without any obligation. The App will also allow you to see the history of your executed campaigns; how much money you earned; and how much you received.

Why will I be paid?

Nowadays, various brands and companies invest heavily in order to better understand their customers. This allows them to keep current clients and attract new ones. A phone survey, new product testings are very successful ways to find out what people like and what they don’t. In exchange for the time spent on doing surveys and sharing opinions, companies are willing to pay.

How will I be paid? 

We are paying people every week for successfully completed campaigns. All the money you have earned appear in the account you provided after choosing the payment method (PayPal,  Amazon voucher, Western Union (minimum cash out is $50), Top-Up, etc.). If there is no possibility for you to register on any of payment platforms we suggest, contact us and we will discuss about alternative ways to receive money.

Is it a scam?

This is definitely not a scam. We are London-based company (20-22 Wenlock Road, N1 7GU, London, UK/The registration number: 10589214) and we organise and manage market studies of well-known brands from around the world. Our surveys are most often performed using voice telephone services and are conducted to obtain information about people's preferences and opinion. Neither we, nor other companies, will ask for any money or excessive personal questions. You have the full control in your hands and can stop the participation at any time.

Is Direct Opinion free to join?

Yes, Direct Opinion platform is totally free to join. As well as, the App on Google Play which cost you nothing. Keep in mind that our surveys are usually based on phone calls so your network provider may charge you a small fee. However, we always pay more that these expenses are. So, our participants are always earning. If you have any problem with that, please do not hesitate to contact us and discuss.

How many campaigns can I do per day?

The number of campaigns that you can make per day depends on every market study you choose on the Direct Opinion App. There you will see the list of ongoing studies. Some of them you can do only once, for some you will be allowed to do more times or interview your relatives and friends for having more completed surveys/questionnaires and earning more money.

Are my personal details safe?

Yes, Direct Opinion doesn't share your personal details with any 3rd parties without your permission. Information about you will only be held by our company. Your answers to the phone survey questions will be provided to the company that asked us to do the exact market study you are involved in.

How long does market study lasts?

The length of market studies various and depends on every campaign individually. It can take 10 seconds or 5 minutes if you are doing a test call. But it can also last a few weeks if you choose the market study based on testing new products.